All of the videos linked below are related to our journey of Antar (Inner) Yoga. Many or most are videos are me (Swami J) presenting principles and practices. Of special importance are eight collections of presentations by Swami Rama. Please go through these patiently, and gently take in the insights the way you would casually watch a movie.

LIVE VIDEOS: Live video broadcasts are mostly on our Abhyasa Ashram Satsang group on Facebook.

ARCHIVED VIDEOS: We have over 1,000 videos archived on our video site at

PLAYLISTS: Below are some of the 58 Channels (Play Lists) from these 1,000+ videos, which are series of videos on a central theme. Some are reviews of books, samples from online courses, or other presentations. Most of these are reviews by Swami Jnaneshvara. There are 103 Showcases, which are clusters of videos of the same general theme, such as on "Mantra." The settings on all of the videos are such that you can download them for later offline review.

The links with multiple videos will work better on a computer, displaying for you the list of videos so you can go through them all. Cell phones don't seem to display the lists very well.

SAMPLE VIDEOS: Here are some individual videos that are important samples from the 1000+ videos:

INTRODUCTION: Here is a good series (9 videos) to start with if you are new to this, and trying to get an introductory idea of what I am presenting:

BOOK REVIEWS (19 series; 368 videos):



Many of Swami Rama's writings have been posthumously revised. Other books have been written long after Swami Rama left the body. By repeatedly watching these videos, everybody is able to experience the unedited message of Swami Rama. This is the reason I keep sharing them in a few different online groups and sites. The settings of each video is such that you can download them onto your phone or computer to watch and listen to them whenever you want. I often take a long walk with Swami Rama in my pocket. It's then very easy to listen as if he is personally talking to the person called "me".


These 11 series of videos are samples from Udemy courses published by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati (Swami J). Click on the Courses Tab at the top of this page (the one you are now reading) to find a listing and links to each of those courses.