Online Meetings

Coming together in Satsang brings juice, magic, and joy
to the practices of meditation and contemp

Table Talks: Years ago, when leading meditation retreats, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. When together in the meditation room, it was sometimes difficult for people to openly engage in satsang conversations about principles and practices. It was like people thought we were in a school classroom with a presenter in front of the room, so people could just sit there and make written notes. However, a funny thing happened. When we were in the dining room having lunch, very rich conversations spontaneously happened.

Zoom meetings: Inspired by those rich conversations around the dining room tables, we started having online meetings that we call Table Talks. These are like modern versions of yogis sitting together in the mountains or cave monasteries of the Himalayas over thousands of years. We now typically have 5-10 such meetings per week, using the popular Zoom technology. We started using Zoom a couple years before it became very popular due to Coronavirus, leading both workers and school children to go online with Zoom meetings.

Satsang: As noted on the Four Parts page, this kind of satsang (coming together) is a very important part of sadhana (practices), bringing life to the core practices of meditation and contemplation. Satsang brings a richness to the principles behind these practices.

Schedule: The Zoom meeting happen about 5-10 times per week, with a meeting almost every day. The individual meetings are annouced in the Facebook Satsang and Table Talk groups.