Main Connection

I am not a promoter of Facebook or social networking in general. However, I find the Facebook group technology very easy to use, and a great way to network with people about these principles and practices related to inner (antar) Yoga. I find that the benefits for our group of sincere people outweigh the well known troubles associated with Facebook use. The centerpiece of our activity is the Satsang group. I do not collect Facebook "friends" but I am on our Satsang group virtually every day, posting Yoga related videos, articles, and audio files almost every day, announcing the online Satsang (Zoom) meetings, and responding to posts by people in our worldwide community. Here is the link to the Satsang group.

Groups I administer

Abhyasa Ashram Satsang group: the main group of our activities, noted above.
Traditional Yoga group: lots of quotes posted about authentic inner Yoga.
Swami Rama Teachings group: Several people help me post Swami Rama wisdom.

Other pages that I have started