Audio MP3 files

The audio files below may all fit on your cell phone, depending on your storage capacity. The Swami Rama files are about 1.1gb, whereas the related video files may be too large at about 8.5gb. I often walk in the park with Swami Rama as my companion (on my phone) through these MP3 files. SJ


The MP3 files should open easily just by clicking on the link. If that does not work for you as a live stream, try downloading it onto you hard drive, and play it from there.

Daily Mantras

I start and end my day with these mantras, prior to my morning and evening meditations. Whatever you choose, it is very useful to start and end your day with some form of mantras or prayer, followed by your meditation. If you enjoy these, then use them, or use part of them, or use some other mantras and prayers. Choose what feels comfortable to you. The regularity of such a daily practice before meditation is most beneficial.

Guided Meditations by Swami J

Each of these follow exactly the same process of attention receding inward through senses, body, breath, mind, and beyond, although with different amounts of time devoted to stages of going inward to the still, silent center of consciousness. Simply choose the time you feel most comfortable with, or the time you have available at the moment.

Yoga Nidra by Swami J

Each of these is designed to lead you to a final state of yoga nidra, which is conscious deep sleep, beyond all the activity of both the conscious mind and the active unconscious mind. Experiment with the four files below to see which one most resonates for you, and then mostly use that one. Gradually, yoga nidra comes easily without listening to any recording.

Podcasts by Swami J

Most of these podcasts were from presentation in the range of 2006-2009.

Swami Rama Presentations

These are the audio tracks of video presentations by Swami Rama from the 1980s. These are convenient to download onto your computer, laptop, or cell phone. Listening to these over and over will allow the principles and practices to deeply imbed in your unconscious memory so that they can emerge in daily life and your personal practices of meditation and contemplation. I have these on my cell phone and often take Swami Rama along on my daily walks. He is very good company.

Ishopanishad by Swami Rama

Mandukya Upanishad by Swami Rama

Mundaka Upanishad by Swami Rama

Saundaryalahari by Swami Rama

Superconscious Meditation by Swami Rama

Yoga Sutras by Swami Rama