Antar (Inner) Yoga

Antar (Inner) Yoga leads to the realization that
one's true nature is divine, perfect, and infinite.

Two major aspects of Yoga are the inner (antar) aspects, with all of the outer (bahir) aspects being preparation for the inner journey of what is commonly called enlightenment or Self-realization (Atma Jnana), resting in our true nature, the center of consciousness known by terms such as Atman or Purusha. For thousands of years the inner face of Yoga prevailed. It is only in recent years that the outer, physical aspect has become predominant, with the inner often relegated to being only an intellectual study of philosophy, ignoring the subtler inner practices and goals. The emphasis here of principles and practices is the traditional orientation of Yoga, that of the inner (antar) Yoga, seeking direct experience of the eternal center of our being.

I hope you find the guidance here to be useful, and that you enjoy your inner journey. I'm happy to help you if I can.

In loving service,
Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
(Swami, Swami J, Swamiji, Baba)